We will start with a motivational introductory talk delivered to you and your team. It is about how you can live a more focused and productive life.

You and your  team will learn what is needed to tap into your potential and that of the team, get focused, be motivated and stay on track.






12 coaching session per team member scheduled monthly .

The sessions provide a personal and professional development, empowering you and your team members to commit to achieving your results sought in the strategy plan.

Each member will create goals that are in alignment with their top values, balance their life so there is space for everything that is important to them. Receive a compass to show them the road to high performance


A workshop where the team works together to set relevant goals, strategies and tasks to make the key strategies and objectives happen. This will create an open environment with full discussions of issues with adequate inputs from each member.

This session is  to align and inspire the team and provides a targeted action plan for each team member in the business.

Drive Your Business Through Your Team

Do you want your team to work as one unit to acheive and exceed your objectives?

Or maybe you want to take your team to the next level and build a high performance culture?

Or maybe you "just" want to stretch your team to achieve their full potential TOGETHER?

Engaged employees make a difference to the overall vision of their company. This can provide an increased productivity between 10 to 15% , improved service quality with up to 20%, and an overall increase in revenue of up to four-fold if properly motivated. Not to mention an increase in customer ratings.

I have created this program with focus on three major elemenets Strategy, Empowerment and Results creating a balanced, emotionally stable and high-performance team.


  • Establish a major vision for your organization and develop a strategic plan to achieve it
  • Inspire your organization and develop a strategic plan to achieve your vision
  • Everyone has their individual plan and understands their role in delivering the vision
  • Your staff receive essential life skills training
  • You have a dedicated consultant to keep everyone on track and focused

This program is a game changer for any organization wanting  

to go from Good to Great