Monta is truly a great job coach. I had the blessing of him being my coach for five weeks, where Monta went over and beyond in regard to the time he spent listening and answering my many questions.

He made me aware of my different skills, and how I could communicate these skills in a manner relevant to businesses. Monta was regularly in touch with me outside of working hours, always looking to support me on my journey.

Monta has without question been an invaluable asset for me in relation to finding a relevant and suitable job.

I genuienely recommend Montas coaching to anybody.



Content Writer - Digital Marketing


I had the pleasure of having Monta as my career coach for 5 weeks.

In that time, he give me vital tools and tips I could use to further my career and my personal development, and his dedication to helping me was clear from our first meeting.

I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions, and he had an immediate impact on my progress pursuing my dream career.

I can warmly recommend Monta and his coaching skills



Mechanical Engineer - WInd Energy


Monta engages you as a candidate with a positive attitude and motivational insights.

He utilises techniques that helps one understand their personal traits and competencies, with the intent of applying these in career-guidance.

It was a pleasure working with him, and look forward to applying his views in the future



Digital Innovation & Management

Do you want to feel productive and efficient at the end of your day?

I have designed this program to help you get your focus back. You wil understand what is important to you, learn to create goals that are in alignment with your top values. You will find the balance to your life so there is space for everything that is important to you and setting limits with activities that are time wasters.

Do you want to take your power back and take charge of your life?

I will help you eliminate the negatives in your life and give you the means to create the future you want for yourself. It centers on the way you think, what you think, the way you feel, and the way you act and do not act.

Do you want to create the future that you want for yourself?

We willl focus on mastering your mind and your emotions to help you think above the crowd. You will be encouraged to contemplate various aspects of your life. This will enable you to do more, be more, and have more in your life than you have imagined was possible.

At the end of the program you will be able to:

Create the Future You Want for Yourself


What YOU will learn

  • Goal setting
  • Beating procrastination
  • Self-analysis to determine areas of improvement
  • Mind mastery to help YOU to think above the crowd
  • A–Z action planning process tailor made to YOUR needs